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Bored, he purloins a couple of bottles of wine and wanders away.
In even the most sensitive of areas, say medical data lost when somebody purloins a laptop out of a medical office, purveyors of cyber risk coverage want you to go gnashing your teeth because news of your Uncle Louis' kidney stone is in the hands of a stranger.
'Plant one bamboo shoot--cut bamboo for the rest of your life' is an old Chinese saying that Boyd purloins as the epigraph of this collection of writings.
Upstairs, the master bedroom, with its vaulted ceiling and exposed purloins, is en-suite withVictorian style bathroom furniture and heated towel rail.
Ignoring a court-ordered seal on trial records in an Oregon lawsuit against Gannett, McCord purloins the contents that spell out Gannett's tactics in competing with the then-defunct Salem Community Press.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of 50M X 30M X 4M Store Shed On Rcc Footing, Column Beams, Brick Wall, Saw Tooth Type Steel Truss, Beams, Purloins Etc.