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Lagosians are eagerly waiting for the PDP to take over and deliver purposeful leadership,' he said.
Purposeful leaders don't just bark orders about what things need to be done and how they expect people to do them.
But, does that purposeful, ready-foranything stance translate to the road?
According to Stanford Healthcare (2015), purposeful rounding is a structured hourly rounding technique that, if used properly, can improve the patient's overall experience.
Talking to reporter on Monday, she said that education was not only passing on information to students but real education was to morally transform them through a purposeful education.
and "My Purposeful Parenting Check-In" exercises with a unique emphasis and chapter summaries.
He said that knowledgeable and purposeful education was inevitable to steer the country of the various problems and there was dire need to take practical steps in this direction.
The solution, however, cannot come through inaction but through action, action that is, and is seen to be, purposeful, unbiased, and effective," Rajan said He pointed out that there would be mistakes, but if the weight of clean actions builds up, the suspicion that pervades society would ebb.
At the same, the head of the Georgian Defence Ministry did not precise who might be interested in purposeful discrediting of
This kind of purposeful knowledge cannot be fulfilled without first acquiring aesthetic and artistic characteristics through the promotion of creativity," he said.
The same official Yemeni source urged the mass media to talk objectively in order to boost the homeland's security and stability in lieu of publishing pre-fabricated stories for the sake of excitement, rumor-mongering and purposeful falsification.