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'The first step in our rebranding agenda is that we will embark on an aggressive and purposeful strategy that will reorient the organisation.
A series of sport and recreational activities followed the purposeful walkathon.
"The headteacher provides assured and reflective leadership, and together with the senior leadership team, he fosters a supportive and caring ethos that creates an orderly and purposeful learning environment.
Because the websites are semi-interactive, the interactions with the users are non-commercial and there were no other acts by the defendant that would demonstrate purposeful targeting, the court finds that defendant did not purposefully avail himself of the benefits and protections of either Virginia or the United States.
"The Court found that the strike did not amount to purposeful discrimination.
This hotel strengthens Hyatts position in the region as a brand leader and showcases a different type of guest and hotel experience, one centred around casual hospitality and purposeful service in a smartly-designed environment.
Meanwhile, the purposeful theme is made apparent inside with red leather and red stitching on the fascia, door inners and seats.
It will be a great service to the nation and society if these people are engaged in some purposeful public service or if the human resource ministry utilises their services elsewhere.
In "Purposeful: Are You a Manager or a Movement Starter" she draws upon her experience and expertise to explain to her readers how they can turn their particular mission into a movement that creates change--whether it is with a startup business or a political campaign, at a Fortune 500 company or working with a local community group, as an intern or a corporate CEO.
Another debate concerns God's method in creating this purposeful universe--how should we best conceive of God's creative strategy?
DA Davidson analyst Linda Bolton Weiser raised her price target on Medifast to $201 and kept her Buy rating after its launch of Purposeful Hydration product that may have a positive effect on the company's Health Coach productivity.