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It goes on: "This may include encouraging patients, including those with long-term conditions, to stay in or return to employment or other purposeful activity.
The charity said such a move would help make "prisons places of hard work and purposeful activity.
Inspectors found the time spent out of cells was outstanding and for much of that time, prisoners were engaged in purposeful activity.
Given these characteristics of real-world complexity, a way of making systems models of purposeful activity was developed.
The school buzzes with purposeful activity in a calm, supportive atmosphere.
If you go to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and type in "enterprise," three different descriptions will pop up: (1) a project or undertaking that is especially difficult, complicated or risky; (2) a readiness to engage in daring or difficult action; and (3) a unit of economic organization or activity, especially: (a) a business organization; (b) a systematic purposeful activity.
Mr Garnier told MPs: "Even before July, when the Government severely cut back the amount of time prisoners can spend working or learning to read and write, they were spending only three-and-a-half hours a day, Monday to Friday, on purposeful activity.
According to Prison Service Order 4460: "An allowance should be made in the standard working week of each prisoner for authorised absences from purposeful activity.
This occupational therapy textbook introduces the clinical reasoning skills that are required to use and document purposeful activity in occupational performance.
This was a purposeful activity to echo the look of walls in the temples.
Learning occurs as students construct meaning for their experiences, and the learner acts and interacts with the world, actively trying to resolve conflicts while engaging in purposeful activity (Wood & Sellers, 1996).