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Where Rice Daubney's marching figures score is that they represent an organisation, a college of special talents, working in their big, efficient building doing big architecture and marching purposefully in your cause while the shadowy ringmaster makes sure everything happens as it should.
In learning a new culture, learners need to purposefully construct an understanding of the other worldview, a different reality in order to speak with people from other cultures.
FURTHER to recent reports on the so-called happy slapping craze sweeping through our centres of excellence - where school pupils happily slap one another across the face presumably because they can think of nothing better to do with their precious time Many of us can recall an era when the not so happy slapping was purposefully administered by the teachers to maintain discipline and concentrate our minds and senses on the subject matter in hand leading eventually to credit worthy results of which they were justifiably proud
According to TEI President Judy Zelisko, the conference was kept purposefully small.
The information contained in this book can serve to guide women purposefully through professional experiences so as to position themselves into greater spheres of influence and opportunities.
Christos Tsitsaros has purposefully written this music to present students with "the kinds of challenges that are present in the late-intermediate and early-advanced literature of the great piano masters.
But he doesn't come to grips with gender as an organizing category of experience, let alone with women--and men--as interest groups differently impacted by legislation, and purposefully so.
However, if risks are purposefully analyzed, the economic rewards can be substantial.
The preface to the report stated: "Our approach is purposefully aggressive in seeking to draw connections, on the assumption that any indication of a relationship between these two hostile elements could carry great dangers to the United States.
should be developed systematically, seriously, and purposefully," The bishops decided that the Sunday before the feast of Christ the King should be celebrated as India Communications Day (Zenit, January 19, 2004).
This element, which suggests a reference to the Eastern Roman Empire, is most strikingly employed by Bernini, whose colonnade encircling Piazza San Pietro alludes purposefully to the Forum of Constantine at Constantinople.
Taylor denied he had purposefully poured the drink over the PC, claiming some drops accidentally got spilled when the policeman tried to grab him.