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Theoretical aspects of positive psychological health including independence, environmental mastery, personal growth, positive relations with others, purposefulness in life and self-acceptance.
Process model of determining the purposefulness of new service development
We are not enthusiastic and taking into account the rather negative reports on the two countries, we still doubt the purposefulness of such a step," clarified German Ministry of Interior representative Jens Teschke.
Purposefulness and energy are the new face of Africa"-Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General Ransford Smith
We've been brought up with this focus on perseverance rather than purposefulness.
By restoring an appearance of purposefulness to military activity, however, it helped distract attention from the strategic crisis confronting Washington.
The wonder of the Sun is something to behold, and now it is gaining a toehold in your sign, after its return yesterday, which can bring you a greater sense of purposefulness and direction.
The violence was genocidal, sadistic, and reflective of opportunism and purposefulness.
Using a Las Vegas analogy, the problem of purposefulness is addressed.
I think that the two most important characteristics which helped me in achieving success in my career are a single-mindedness, that's to say a purposefulness, and of course high efficiency.
A romantic relationship which has struggled may find new energy and purposefulness and with the Sun also doing its p gg y very best to jolly up your mood, this can be, at the least, a gy p p g wonderful sociable week, as festive excitement takes a y j y p y py really firm hold.
Critics of the sport are few in numbers but frighteningly well organised; finally there is similar purposefulness to make a case FOR greyhound racing.