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These two years have not been spent in purposeless travel.
Wherever he went, this foredoomed Tip appeared to take the prison walls with him, and to set them up in such trade or calling; and to prowl about within their narrow limits in the old slip-shod, purposeless, down-at-heel way; until the real immovable Marshalsea walls asserted their fascination over him, and brought him back.
The most difficult crime to track is the one which is purposeless.
Perhaps,' observed Traddles, 'it was mere purposeless impertinence?
If you know how much of human speech is mere purposeless impulse or habit, you will not wonder when I tell you that this identical objection had been made, and had received the same kind of answer, many hundred times in the course of the fifteen years that Mr.
The project aimed at improving law and order in the city, costing billions, is now almost purposeless.
Our wars have become purposeless, a fact that American elites and the American people appear to find acceptable.
If the people of Ireland have been let down, then it is in the management and deployment of scant resources to appease the need for purposeless data by those in power.
said that the elements indulged in purposeless criticism of public welfare initiatives were enemy of people's development and prosperity as some of the political elements were unnerved over fast development of the country.
After losing her beloved husband, she spent years adrift and purposeless.
Purposeless and confused after his father's stroke, 20-year-old Eric Valery abandons college for a weekly newspaper in tiny Shannon, North Dakota, "where the Midwest becomes the West.