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Had President Anastasiades said that in Davos rather than saying that Turkish must become a recognised EU language, I'd view him as a man of vision rather than one purposelessly pandering to protocol.
However when technology is used purposelessly as a default it doesn't just squeeze out sophisticated interpersonal interactions, it changes the nature of what's left.
Sholim loves to open people's skulls to reveal contraptions as complicated as any Rube Goldberg cartoon, but while the typical Goldberg machine is a ridiculously elaborate means to accomplish a simple goal, Sholim's creations spin purposelessly forever.
He further remarked " billion of rupees are being distributed among the people purposelessly but the commodities at lower rate are not available to poor masses.
(26) He says that, though in Wild Grass, Lu Xun expressed his "agony" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and "sentimentalist mood" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), he never sunk into dissipation and "he always had tears in his eyes for all the people who are destroyed or oppressed by feudal forces, sentimentally and purposelessly fighting against the forces of the old, because he has a heart warm with love for humanity." ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (27) Qian still points out that Lu Xun doesn't have much to offer the contemporary literary scene, but perhaps his comments were tempered by an awareness of the fact that in the future, Lu Xun would have to be taught in school.
n Preserve your time: You must stay away from anything that wastes time or leads to it, such as talking on the phone purposelessly, frequent visits, going out of the house too much, or watching TV for long periods.
In his terrifying 1942 novel The Stranger (or perhaps The Alien), the young atheist Meursault purposelessly kills an Arab youth on a beach in the glare of a flat, oppressive sun, the image of a dead god.
And if the Supreme Court were to review occupational licensing regulations using heightened rational basis with bite scrutiny--a standard of review the Court has already deemed appropriate when other harmless acts made in the pursuit of happiness have been purposelessly impinged upon--then, perhaps, the monks will get their chance.
This has not only helped us to minimise the impact on our environment, but has improved the quality and appearance of our landscape, and reduced the cost of unnecessary chemical applied purposelessly.
While Cross purposelessly tramps through the wilds of Alaska, we spend far too much time in Washington DC as his nemesis - Norton's colonel - sits in a room talking about intelligencegathering assets, national security emergencies and agents in deep cover.
my afternoon in Greenwich wandering purposelessly. This was my purpose.
And Democritus and other atomists taught that color, odor, taste, and the like, as common sense understands them, are illusions, and that the physical world is in fact made up of nothing more than particles moving purposelessly through void space.