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From our standpoint of seeing the novel as a social critique, the ending implies that while neither material affluence nor social perfection attained by negating or suppressing individuality will lead humankind to utopia, by "recovering the mind," or endeavoring to understand the amorphous self, human existence can at least be saved from meaninglessness and purposelessness.
This emotional isolation, despair, and purposelessness expand into marital life over time and can cause marital burnout.
That America is regarded as a crimogenic society (the social structure inevitably produces criminality, see King, 2007; Wilson, 1990, 1992) is a position sustained by the existence of nihilated African identities disorder (as articulated here) and idiomatic purposelessness.
Mailer emphasizes the soldiers' feelings of terror and purposelessness during the campaign.
The sense of emptiness and purposelessness is so overwhelming that he can not stand the thought of his children growing up to experience it nor can he endure it any longer himself.
Third, there is the prison of the self: absolutely all the heroes are confined to their confusion, sense of absolute and hopeless isolation, their purposelessness and ultimate failure.
They stand sentinel right there, not long ago in our history, as the way to advance through our sluggishness and purposelessness today.
By acting as a social control instrument at the service of the historical nation, Tizon becomes an ethical teacher, as coined by Nietzsche, in so far as he is "engaged in a project of falsification: [ethical teachers] falsify the predominance of 'instinct, folly, lack of reasons', of spontaneity and purposelessness, and indeed so far misrepresent 'the course of nature and deny its condition' that they are obliged to invent an alternative existence, one whose effect is to unhinge 'the old, ordinary existence'" (Ridley 81-82).
Critical evaluations undertaken by the governmental committees and independent academicians have highlighted the crisis that confronting the system: increasing educated unemployment; weakening of student motivation; increasing unrest and indiscipline on the campuses; frequent collapse of administration; deterioration of standards; and above all, the demoralizing effect of the irrelevance and purposelessness of most of what is being done.
Emerson's insistence, finally, that "Beauty is its own excuse for being" paraphrases, of course, Kant's famous assertion that the beautiful is a purposive purposelessness.
Above all, artworks should not simply deny the potential to function, this being the first rule of a mythic autonomy a la Kant's "purposive purposelessness," but rather extend function itself into the realm of the speculative.
Lessness" seems to be an effort to translate the abstract concept of uselessness and purposelessness of life.