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These three participants were selected purposively for their expert intuitive knowledge gained from their extensive experience in the restorative care of three diverse groups of patients, all at risk of frailty and vulnerability and thus requiring similar considerations.
Participants who met the inclusion criteria, could provide rich information on their reasons for attempting suicide and were ready to talk about their suicide attempt were purposively selected.
Applying intensive interviews with members belonging to a variety of organizations chosen purposively from the period between 2012-2013 Liv disclosed the few occasions when women were mobilized to achieve certain rights overcoming barriers of their difference during the years of the Islamist rule.
At the conclusion of the study, a focus group discussion was conducted at each site with a purposively sampled group of service providers, including doctors, counselors, paramedics and clinic administrative staff.
The two cases were purposively selected; thus, they had followed a typical rehabilitation program and had some similarities, based on the potential for maximal comparison and contrast (Kvale, 1996).
Dindori and Jhabua districts of Madhya Pradesh state were selected purposively for the above study as there is higher percentage of tribal population.
Thus as the sample was not purposively selected, spectrum bias would be minimal for this study and generalizability of the results may be considered high for any primary care setting.
The 200 samples of patients were screened and selected purposively for mixed worm infection relevance to the inclusion and exclusion criteria of 16-65 years old with both genders males and females.
The researcher purposively recruited individuals with a wide variety of characteristics that could affect their experience of illness, including gender, marital status, employment, site of TB infection, stage in
Seven focus group discussions were conducted with a purposively sampled group of obstetricians-gynaecologists, medical residents and nurses at three hospitals in Nagpur on facility and drug availability, criteria for diagnosis and management of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, attitudes about magnesium sulphate use, and perceived barriers to pre-eclampsia and eclampsia treatment.
The Group's numerous socially responsible initiatives are consciously and purposively designed to serve this motto.
The sample was selected by purposively sampling distributors who represented more than one antimalarial pharmaceutical company.