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Once the institutions were finalized; the participants were purposively selected after taking formal permission from authorities of academic institutions.
Wards 4 and 5 in Ife Central LGA were purposively selected, being the only two wards in the LGA that were implementing CIMCI, while wards 2 and 8 were randomly selected by balloting system from among the 11 wards in Ilesa East LGA.
Public health disciplines such as economics (1) and epidemiology (2) have traditionally promoted equilibrium thinking and purposively ignored the adaptive capacities (or resilience) of systems (3).
This study adopted quantitative research method and purposively selected 36 out of 43 listed construction companies (29 Shariah-compliant, 7 Shariah non-compliant) to be assessed with other KLSE sectors.
If the court holds that the ACA means what it plainly and purposively says, then billions of dollars have been disbursed through federal exchanges contrary to the law.
The variety of philosophical themes on which he has written and the diversity of philosophers that he has studied seriously, show how he purposively avoided being castled in just one field or author.
From the former list, 7 hospitals, including Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Mitford Hospital, Sher-E-Bangla Medical College Hospital, Jhalokati Sadar Hospital, Babuganj, Razapur and Raipur Upazilla Health Complexes were chosen purposively.
I am sure that the kinesics of fanaticism--the glazed look, the face that is purposively closed and nonreceptive--vary enormously, although this has not yet been analyzed with film or subjected to computer analysis.
They have acknowledged that they will have to actively, purposively transform themselves into a social movement; and they will take on the added responsibility of law enforcement in the area," Coloma said.
The sample was purposively selected and Katlehong, Gauteng Province, was chosen as the research site because the population of this area closely represents the majority of the SA population.
Out of which two tahsils were purposively selected as the concentration of borrowers was high in two tahsils.
A qualitative study used a face-to-face, unstructured, in-depth interview to collect data from 10 purposively selected participants.