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The pursuable female characters include his stepmother, his stepsister, the student body president, a chemistry teacher, and the manager at the cafe where he has a part-time job.
Though I'd like to think my life is in better shape today than, say, 20 years ago, the perfect life is something I am forced to relinquish as a pursuable goal.
it seems at least pursuable that the Classification Act does not, in and of itself, prohibit the employment of "ordinarily resident" Americans from any position (white collar or Wage Grade) classified and paid under the Local National pay system.
As David Hawkins eloquently explains in "Messing About in Science," some wallowing is worthwhile -- perhaps even necessary -- prior to that moment when the learner can articulate a question or define a pursuable problem.
The Independent Commission Against Corruption states that in Hong Kong in the year 2000 there were 43 pursuable reports of corrupt conduct and 288 pursuable reports of illegal conduct during the elections for the Legislative council.
For all of the sharp attention Tabbi pays to genrecrossing categories, he seems to have underemphasized the performative possibilities of the Slow Learner introduction, or failed to recall, perhaps, that one of the major lessons Pynchon takes from Eliot is absolute mastery of the game of `Possum, which, I think, for reasons not pursuable here, he is up to in this introductory essay.
The book insists that America is "comparatively free" and that strategies to circumvent any disadvantages in its institutions are thus both thinkable and pursuable.
I have not spoken here of Pater's gender politics or of readings of his work as gendered discourse, but the approaches to Pater through gender are also pursuable through nonpsychological paths as I have already argued with regard to Billie Inman's work on Hardinge and Pater.