pursue an inquiry

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Uy said that the Chamber needs to pursue an inquiry on the overseas garbage-dumping, which was bared in a privilege speech last November 13 by fellow Mindanaoan solon, Iligan City lone district Rep.
On Friday, the top court had directed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to efficiently and expeditiously pursue an inquiry into corruption of Sindh police officers, including Ghulam Haider Jamali.
The HSYK made the announcement as an elaboration of its decision not to pursue an inquiry into former yzmir Chief Public Prosecutor HE-seyin BaE-, which had been requested by Justice Minister Bekir Bozday-.
Newsnight editor Peter Rippon yesterday became the fist victim of the botched response after he stepped aside over an "inaccurate" account of why his own show disastrously failed to pursue an inquiry into Savile.
If the ACAP Attorney determines the facts as alleged would not constitute a violation, the ACAP Attorney will advise the Complainant and the Respondent of the decision not to pursue an inquiry and will provide the reasons for doing so.
Indonesia has warned Australia not to pursue an inquiry into the deaths of five journalists in East Timor more than 30 years ago.
Last April, the US administration raised the stakes by giving the Congress a green light to hold a hearing session on the subject and provided the UN nuclear watchdog - the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - with intelligence documentation to pursue an inquiry. The information included before and after aerial photographs of the alleged reactor as well as detailed interior photographs of what it said were key components.
Judge Hopkins ordered that all computer equipment be seized by police from Phillips' bedroom should be forfeited and gave the prosecution 28 days to pursue an inquiry under the proceeds of crime act.
When the dust has settled, and the inevitable legal challenges to the results of yesterday's polls are concluded, the Government must pursue an inquiry with vigour.
This gave her the opportunity to meet and talk with San people in Namibia and to pursue an inquiry into aspects of their spiritual and intellectual lives, an inquiry stimulated 40 years before by her studies of the Drakensberg art.
office pursue an inquiry into the possibility that Casey was involved in awarding a million-dollar contract to a firm in which he had a personal interest.