pursue relentlessly

See: persist
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I hope that this summit will be remembered as another moment along the way, where things started to turn, where the consensus became deeper, where action became something that people really decided to pursue relentlessly - and it has to be relentless.
Tucker added the Naps' linebackers are strong, come hard, flow quickly and pursue relentlessly.
But smuggling in Bulgaria was "huge" and another ongoing struggle that the Cabinet would pursue relentlessly throughout its term.
Despite progress being made, three out of 10 people still don't pay their fines and they are the people we will pursue relentlessly during this blitz.
It means that they will have to pursue relentlessly the goals they need for victory - unless, of course, news filters through during the game that Panathinaikos are being thrashed at Rosenborg.
These were the first on-the-record words out of the attorney general's mouth the day of the raid, and they established the themes that federal spokespersons were to pursue relentlessly in the weeks afterward.