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Most state regulatory agencies actively pursue unlicensed contractors.
At Southwestern University in Texas, the liberal arts college where I serve as president, nearly half of the student body pursues a cross-cultural experience, often focused on service learning.
Root believes learning programs like Adobe PhotoShop, Smart Sound and VR Works helps prepare her for the sophisticated programs she will have to learn as she pursues a degree in engineering at Oklahoma State University.
A few years ago, only a fraction of the student population opted to pursue higher education.
At one point or another anyone who pursues business internationally is going to encounter corruption - it's just a matter of time.
Twenty-five years ago it was common knowledge that any foreigners who wanted to pursue lucrative business opportunities in Nicaragua would have to buy their way into the good books of the Samoza government.
If the board pursues the remedy, and the apartment owner pays the maintenance, then the non-purchasing tenant is to be notified within three days to resume payment to the apartment owner directly.
The law allows a board controlled by resident board members not to pursue this remedy.
Once he determines the back doesn't have the ball, he should pursue. Since we also key the guard with the bottom of our eyes, Will should read the pull and flow play side.