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The best evidence right now is that for simple cellulitis (no purulence, abscess, or exudate), treatment with a beta-lactam antibiotic is the best option.
The presence of mucosal disease, purulence, and polyps, alone or in combination on endoscopic examinations has a strong positive association with CT and is a good predictor of sinus disease as our study reveals.
The rivers and purulence and tumors of shame all meet up, forming a sea of humiliation, incapacity, disappointment and madness.
The term "sequestrum" is applied to a segment of necrotic bone separated from the adjacent living bone by purulence and granulation tissue.
Patients recorded peak flow readings, major symptoms (dyspnea, sputum purulence, and sputum volume), and minor symptoms (nasal discharge/congestion, wheeze, sore throat, and cough).
An incision is made over the abscess with a #11 blade scalpel, and the purulence is allowed to drain.
There was no significant improvement in the sputum purulence in the placebo group but there was a significant improvement in the sputum purulence in the test drug group.
After cleaning from purulence, the cavity was left for passive drainage.
Purulence and gram -negative bacilli in tracheal aspirates of mechanically ventilated very low birth weight infants.
patients having increased sputum purulence with either increased dyspnea or increased sputum volume;