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The examination results of LDH, CK and LA between the two groups: The examination results of the cerebrospinal fluid demonstrated that, the LDH concentration of the tubercular meningitis group was the highest, the CK concentration of the purulent meningitis group was the highest, and the LA concentration of the tubercular meningitis group and purulent meningitis group was higher than the other two groups.
The Gonococcal urethritis (72 cases) manifested as purulent discharge in 46, as Mucoid discharge in 20 and Mucopurulent discharge in 6 cases.
Odontogenic phlegmon of the mouth floor is an acute, purulent, disseminated inflammation of the loose connective tissue, spreading quickly, without marked borders, affecting submandibular, submental, and sublingual spaces, which can develop into the most severe, frequently life-threatening form of purulent inflammation [7].
Cases of generalised purulent peritonitis which were managed via a midline laparotomy, or converted from McBurney's initial incision or Rocky-Davis incision to a midline laparotomy.
Purulent discharge was the most affected clinical sign with the other clinical signs recovering only a small extent.
Caption: The guidelines offer a novel algorithm for management of nonpurulent and purulent skin infections.
Omphalitis was categorised as peri-umbilical cellulitis without purulent discharge; peri-umbilical cellulitis with purulent discharge; or purulent discharge with minimal or no cellulitis.
We need to consider this diagnosis with a higher index of suspicion in young infants now," she said, noting that the peak onset is at age 4-6 days, and it is characterized by a purulent discharge not likely to be a gonococcal infection.
Among the topics are diseases caused by phages, phages and bacterial epidemiology, phages as therapeutic delivery vehicles, bacteriophage-based methods of detecting and identifying bacteria, phage therapy of wounds and related purulent infections, and the role of phages in controlling bacterial pathogens in food.
One of the challenging issues of purulent surgery is left hematogenous osteomyelitis.
The 2 450 participants in the review went to their doctor with a cold and symptoms such as facial pain, dental pain, postnasal drip, or purulent nasal discharge for more than a week but less than a month.