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Chronic empyema can result in chondroid formation or in the more severe cases, complete filling of the pouch with purulent material.
These were patients who had clinical or echocardiographic features of suspected tamponade, large effusion, suspected purulent pericardial effusion, positive blood culture or clinical bacterial sepsis, need of intensive care, suspected malignant effusion, and pericardial effusions of uncertain etiology.
Mycotic pseudoaneuryms are rarely described following purulent pericardial effusions and only comprise a small minority of all aneurysms (0.7%) [15].
The MRI results of the two groups: The MRI results demonstrated that, the positive rate of the observation group was 96.05%; the positive rate of the tubercular meningitis group and the cryptococcal meningitis group was both 100%; the positive rate of the viral meningitis group (Fig.1) and the purulent meningitis group was 90.48% and 92.86% respectively.
On the next day of presentation, dog had a sinus opening at the base of another mammary gland which was also discharging purulent material.
After three weeks of treatment, no purulent flow from drains was observed, and on day 21 of his ICU stay, the patient was taken off the respirator.
This study was conducted as a retrospective review of all cases with generalised purulent peritonitis from complicated acute appendicitis diagnosed intraoperatively at Sebokeng Hospital between January 2008 and December 2009.
Endoscopic examination of the left nasal cavity revealed a copious amount of purulent, white discharge draining from the left sphenoid sinus ostium (figure 1, A).
Purulent discharge was significantly reduced in the treatment group (p-valueless than 0.05).
Wound culture taken from the purulent skin lesions grew methicillin sensitive Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA) which was treated with antibiotics.
There are two main types of nasal discharge - clear, grey and cloudy mucoid discharges and thick and green or bloody purulent discharges.