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Suspendisse malesuada purus vel nisl tincidunt rutrum.
In the pages above we present substantial evidence for a family of geometric earthworks (geoglyphs) that extend over a vast region drained by tributaries of the upper Purus River, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon.
Brasileia, basin of Rio Purus, upper Rio Acre, Colonia Santo Antonio, 10[degrees]56'29"S, 69[degrees]15'41"W, 29 Mar 1998, D.
We are very happy about the establishment of the park, communal reserve, and special commission because it will help our communities better manage their territories according to the traditions of our ancestors," says Fredy Lopez Tranbeca, chief of the 180-inhabitant Gasta Bala community in Purus.
Middleton seeks a "rehabilitation" of Kazantzakis in the eyes of religious (Christian) thinkers, although he correctly highlights that both Kazantzakis and Whitehead reject the traditional, classical notion of God as actus purus (9).
God's being as actus purus is the source and ground of all that is, releasing an efficient causality that can never be reduced to the finite entitative actuality of what is created.
The government had replaced Rawal last August with retired bureaucrat Dipendra Purus Dhakal.
the laugh of laugh, the risus purus, the laugh laughing at the laugh, the salutation of the highest joke, in a word the laugh that laughs .
ZURICH -- Ecolab's ProTec transport and storage system for liquid detergents has been awarded the Purus Award at the International Cleaning Management Services (CMS) tradeshow 2011, held in Berlin, Germany.
There is some evidence of hybridization between mariae and azara near the mouth of the Purus River (Haffer 1974: 222-223).