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En el extremo, se encuentra la provincia de Purus con el 0,8% y se mantiene hasta 1993 y en el 2005 sube ligeramente a 0,9%, es la provincia menos poblada de la region.
2000 Estudo de ceramicas de sitios com estrutura de terra circulares do alto curso do rio Purus, por meio de metodos geoquimicos: Datacao e caracterizacao, Universidade Federal Fluminense.
We are very happy about the establishment of the park, communal reserve, and special commission because it will help our communities better manage their territories according to the traditions of our ancestors," says Fredy Lopez Tranbeca, chief of the 180-inhabitant Gasta Bala community in Purus.
God's being as actus purus is the source and ground of all that is, releasing an efficient causality that can never be reduced to the finite entitative actuality of what is created.
The government had replaced Rawal last August with retired bureaucrat Dipendra Purus Dhakal.
Etimologicamente, purus parece derivarse de la palabra indogermanica que significa 'fuego', luego 'limpiar por medio del fuego' por oposicion a 'limpiar por medio del agua' (Walde 1939: 39; el paradigma original es incierto).
The merging of Caingang with Botocudo, of Paez with Bari, of Pipil with Quiche or of Upper Purus Arawaks with Montana Arawaks are the examples.
the laugh of laugh, the risus purus, the laugh laughing at the laugh, the salutation of the highest joke, in a word the laugh that laughs .
Indian records have no account of a man named Porus, but the name may have been a corruption of Paurava--that is, a ruler of the Purus, a tribe that had long lived in the area.
He does not love the traditional expression of the actus purus, in which all dynamis, all potentia, is drowned in pure essence--he himself seeks the posse in being.