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PURVEYOR. One employed in procuring provisions. Vide Code, 1, 34.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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| Craig Sharp, Jethro Setchfield and Mark Purvey, of Poplar Runners, competed in the Berlin Marathon for charity Sands.
Golden Popcorn's managing director, Lucy Purvey, said that it was vital to buy a machine which was reliable and capable of turning out large numbers of bags of a consistently high quality.
Diane Purvey documents the history of the Alexandra Orphanage in Vancouver from 1892 to 1938, Robert Adamowski details the origin and function of the Vancouver Children's Aid Society, and Indiana Matters provides a glimpse into the institutional life of girls who, between 1914 and 1937, were sent by the courts to the Provincial Industrial Home for Girls.
Kiosks and bookshops purvey a bewildering array of titles.
However, the people who purvey this kind of pap will be happily counting their winnings.
Ian Purvey netted twice as Bolehall Swifts produced an emphatic 4-1 win against Barnt Green Spartak.
Exhibitors will include those who purvey products from Pacific Island countries, Asian importers, domestic producers of Asian products, other companies seeking to sell products to Asian-American and mainstream retailers, and commercial and noncommercial food services.
"But Liverpool play a different style now and it hasn't suited him, so maybe he's better off to look for a new ground to purvey his talents."
What the Bible claims to be, and what it claims to purvey is Life.
Berlin Marathon - Lucy Niemz 02:58:51, Craig Sharp 03:30:01, Jethro Setchfield 03:41:02, Mark Purvey 04:28:49.
'False information will consequently outpace true information where there is economic or political interest to purvey it,' the pair wrote.
On the eve of the first Iranian president's visit to France since 17 years, Hollande said that the matter majorly depended on this big country [Iran]." "Iran is now requested to purvey good intention, especially now that its nuclear agreement is being implemented," the French President added, highlighting as well the importance of watering down the existing tension between Iran and KSA.