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We need to commit ourselves to not participating in the pervasive purveyance of pornography.
This was not a Yemenite site like Indian or Chinese or Ukrainian restaurants; almost invisible, it was more directly related to the hamburger purveyance of the L&G, though fewer Jews had been found there.
They belong to various genera and families, are characterised by different pharmacological properties and have different resource characteristics and, correspondingly, different purveyance importance.
They are likely to be outcompeted by national providers in the purveyance of customized teacher training.
Of Numenius we know little as well, but Karamanolis' treatment of him is accordingly curt and largely sticks to a script established in more detailed studies --Numenius as a dogmatic Pythagorean valued even Plato mostly for his purveyance of Pythagorean wisdom, and consequently would have had little time for Aristotle.
With or without the British purveyance of this report to the Portuguese ruling group after February 1944, when the report reached South Africa, it is hard to believe that official Portuguese hyper-sensitivity on this question could have been any keener.
Purveyance 'provided a further outlet for royal rapacity [with] much of the burden falling on the peasantry'.
While not defending censorship, Shuger raises questions about the purveyance of falsehood and fear in oppositional writing in Tudor and Stuart England.
In many religious people's minds, this was a proclamation and a purveyance of atheism which became an affront to a majority of Americans who held to a Bible based belief about humankind's existence as described in Genesis 1.
Although her story embraces the second session of the reign's first Parliament, there is no mention of matters to which Gardiner devoted many pages--wardship, trade, monopolies, purveyance, or the "Apology.
He does not seem to understand that the island comes under British rule and, as mentioned, he fails to link the Administration's purveyance of alcohol with cession of his control.
To the now traditional discussion of women in food and drink production and purveyance, or within cloth and clothing industries, McIntosh has added domestic and personal services, women, credit--including lending and pawning--and women acting as landladies renting out or managing property.