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Here lies another way the courtly comedy served political ends, for in the atmosphere of surveillance in the court theater, the monarch's purveyance might be seem all the more extraordinary if a play whose emotional momentum toward closure induced amnesia in even the most knowledgeable of non-royal hearers.
See generally), Malla Pollack, Purveyance and Power, or Over-Priced Free Lunch: The Intellectual Property Clause as an Ally of the Takings Clause in the Public's Control of Government, 30 Sw.
Every retailer dictates an individual baked goods rotation program, but successful purveyance of bakery products depends upon consistent quality and freshness at each store.
Guy Butler has argued that to Shakespeare's contemporaries, a train of sixty knights would have seemed "extravagant and vainglorious" and that Lear's train would have struck a powerful chord among audiences familiar with the notorious purveyance abuses of King James's followers.
Though she suspects that he acts as the middleman for the purveyance of stolen goods, he is evasive when she questions him.
In each job, you and I serve a customer base that is unprepared to forgive bad advice, or purveyance of a malfunctioning product.
Trade is usually counted as a service-producing industry, but is initially treated here as a separate category because its close tie to goods production (through purveyance of goods) could make its gross flow dynamics more similar to manufacturing than to services.
This seems odd, since it was from Carpenter's prose-poem, Towards Democracy (1893), that Whitman's influence was imported, as was purveyance in a similar polemic style of the Uranian creed.
com Barnes & Noble and Book-A-Million Online Sales and the Purveyance of Used Books Where E-Books Were Bought (2011-2012) Online Book Buyer Characteristics Online ONLY Book Buyer Characteristics Table 4.
Prohibition of the production and purveyance of alcohol, he insisted, was akin to "confiscation of property and proscription of persons," since hundreds of thousands of working Americans would be driven out of their livelihoods, and millions of dollars of property "reduced almost to worthlessness.
To be sure, "Ship money, depopulation fines, knighthood compositions, the forced loan, purveyance, benevolences, coat and conduct money, militia rates, and Star Chamber judgments, all contributed to the county's dissatisfaction"(p.
the problem of anonymous use and the various modes of purveyance of