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And he was right, in that the conceit underlying Steinbach's work was too fragile to sustain anything more than a certain allegorical suggestiveness subtended by a deft formal intelligence and a magpie's fascination with objects that catch the light, which are precisely the qualities that still-life painting has purveyed for centuries.
At the same time, a full-scale ethos of license and indulgence is continually purveyed by the media and especially by the entertainment industry.
Other designers had purveyed to the media in a one-way transaction; Versace took from the street, gave to the media, and took back from celebrity and charisma.
The company is currently involved in establishing a national network of food brokers to market on a nationwide basis HERITAGE LITE BEEF(R), the low-fat beef product purveyed by the company's wholly-owned subsidiary, National Heritage Sales Corporation.
Two variations are amebiasis and giardiasis, dangerous parasites that are ingested every day from foods purveyed by sidewalk vendors, unclean restaurant kitchens, contaminated water, and uncooked food that has not been properly washed.
The Museum Store + Cafe will feature Casa Brasil espresso as well as freshly packaged 6th Floor Museum Coffee purveyed by Casa Brasil.
However, Theresa Quarmby is right to voice her concerns over the crackpot ideas now purveyed to our children in the name of "Education, education, education.
That's my conclusion after a couple of meals at the new Ravak restaurant in Encino where kosher Persian fare is purveyed in a nice-looking dining room decorated in burgundy and gold with attentive service by waiters wearing yarmulkes.
The curia tended to oppose both martyrs and charismatic office-holders and to favor clerical penitents, but the model purveyed to the laity was of a monasticized (not an inner-worldly) spirituality.