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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Urinalysis was abnormal (showed red blood cells, or pus cells greater than five per high field, or both) in 48 (51.6%) of 93 patients, which included 40 (58.82%) of 68 patients with calculi detected on CT KUB.
Microscopic examination revealed pus cells and Gram positive cocci in 7 patients and pus cells and Gram negative bacilli in 3 patients.
Gram stain performed on several smears showed only pus cells and no organisms.
The EU allows up to 400 million pus cells in each litre of milk sold in the UK.
The site preaches about Heather's vegan beliefs, with a short film claiming one teaspoon of cow's milk "could contain up to two million pus cells".
Patient B: Laboratory investigation showed pus cells, Hysterosalpingography (HSG) (write in full) presented tubal potency.
It claims that every litre of milk can contain up to 400 million pus cells. The report accuses dairy products of playing a part in diseases such as diabetes, some cancers, heart disease and strokes.
Tissue samples obtained during this operation showed pus cells and gram-positive cocci.
Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the general term given to infection of the urinary system, with bacteria and pus cells being present in the urine.
QDRINKING 300ml of cranberry juice per day can almost half the risk of developing pus cells in the urine, according to one study.
Another study suggested that not only bacteriuria, but the presence of pus cells in the urine (pyuria) was reduced by nearly 50 percent in elderly women who drank 300 milliliters (equivalent to 10 ounces) of cranberry juice each day for six months.
Before it let up, if an 80-year-old lady had pus cells in her urine, its book said you need to do something about that.