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technology as Emoze mobile push email, the Dragon 555 allows users to
Push is concerned that many thousands more will join them because the extra demand will mean it's even harder to find suitable places and may cause a boom in drop-outs.
Push pipe, MT Push pipe, and Fastite Joint Push-Bar pipe all come in 20-foot laying lengths that are preferred in certain municipal and industrial applications.
In a Texas Comptroller's Decision, an Administrative Law Judge determined that a taxpayer could not reduce its surplus by the amount of pushed-down debt because GAAP did not require the taxpayer's parent corporation to push down the debt and the Texas statute appears to only permit reduction of a taxpayer's surplus by debt belonging to the taxpayer in question, not by debt that belongs to the parent corporation of the taxpayer.
A push poll is a survey instrument containing questions that attempt to change the opinion of contacted voters, generally by divulging negative information about the opponent.
He was the Greek Sisyphus, doomed to push the same huge rock up the same hill over and over again.
We are pushed and manipulated; we push and manipulate others.
com/reports/c93631) has announced the addition of "Push to Talk, Push to Cellular, Presence Voice over IP, and Data IP Push Strategies, Market Shares, and Market Forecasts, 2008 to 2014" to their offering.
The practice has come under increased scrutiny since last year's crash, the worst in Metrolink's history, when a train in the push mode crashed into a sport utility vehicle parked on the tracks, then collided with an oncoming train and a parked train.
The new edition of The Push Guide to Which University 2005, published today, reveals controversial statistics about the state of Britain's universities under Labour.
This is generally when the uncontrollable urge to push will be present.