push aside

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This happens when we empty ourselves of our own aspirations and push aside the pull of the material world.
First, we must push aside the veil of lies that permits Colombia's immoral war to go on.
The four jurors who spoke to reporters said they didn't take Weller's age into account in their deliberations and followed instructions to push aside any feelings of pity.
It's March 20, and I'm hurtling down an icy hill at 40-plus miles per hour on a piece of wood barely wider than a skateboard, attempting to push aside doubts placed in my head by cultural taboos about gays in sports and, um, trying to ignore the other 100 men in tight Lycra bodysuits.
They're just learning to trust people again and learning to push aside the horrific miseries they've experienced as best they can, and we can't let them down at this crucial stage in their development.
First a carbon monoxide must push aside and move around a six-atom ring belonging to one of the protein's amino acids, a phenylalanine.