push away

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A twig that has the same volume as the nail will not push away enough water to sink.
And they were close to being punished in added time of the first half when Mark Boyd was given time and space for a shot from 20 yards that Maxwell did well to push away, Westwood completing the clearance.
Castano of the Autonomous National University in Mexico, a unique chemical reaction links two types of molecules that usually separate like oil and water: hydrophobic (hi-droh-FOHbik) molecules that repel water-based paints, and oleophobic (oh-lee-oh-FOHbik) molecules that push away oil-based paints.
Diggs reminds us just how critical honesty is in relationships, and that in our grief, we can push away the very ones we need to recover from the loss.
Micky Evans served up a battling display and deserved a goal with a brilliant overhead kick which Southend keeper Darryl Flahavan did equally well to push away.
Rockwell said the low temperatures, which tied a 1979 record of 29 degrees in Simi Valley, helped push away clouds, averting showers in the valleys.
Welcome everything, push away nothing," says Ostaseski.
as a kid, you'd push away that ugly plate of brussel sprouts and your mother would bark at you to eat-up, on behalf of the thousands of starving children in Asia "who'd love to eat them.
By rubbing the stone, many believe they can generate positive energy and push away any negative forces surrounding them.
Ljupco Popovski analyzes for Utrinski Vesnik that only the naive, or those who want to push away the responsibility from their back can claim that the dispute between the Serbian and Macedonian Orthodox Church is only a church matter and the politics should not interfere.