push away

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But after Sunny was called into action to push away Al Agha?s header soon after, Syria finally added a second goal with seven minutes remaining as the substitute striker's deflected cross dropped kindly at the back post and Al Douni was on hand to slide the ball between Sunny and the post.
He says he ran to clear his head and push away his anxiety.
Khan appeared to push away Malignaggi, who reacted angrily before the boxers were hauled away while the crowded room at the midtown New York hotel erupted in a chaotic scene.
2 : to push away <Two magnets can repel each other.>
Breathe in and lift the chest into Cobra or Upward Facing Dog, then as you breathe out push away from the mat into Downward Facing Dog.
We should slow down, read this remarkably candid and accurate book about a very significant health problem facing America, then push away from our tables early and go out for a long brisk walk.
A more realistic protection plan--directly attaching a craft to an asteroid and using thrusters to push away the body--has its own complications.
Castano of the Autonomous National University in Mexico, a unique chemical reaction links two types of molecules that usually separate like oil and water: hydrophobic (hi-droh-FOHbik) molecules that repel water-based paints, and oleophobic (oh-lee-oh-FOHbik) molecules that push away oil-based paints.
Diggs reminds us just how critical honesty is in relationships, and that in our grief, we can push away the very ones we need to recover from the loss.
Micky Evans served up a battling display and deserved a goal with a brilliant overhead kick which Southend keeper Darryl Flahavan did equally well to push away.
Push away nothing." Was this some California Zen wingnut notion?