push toward

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"Go to the smoking-room," she said, giving him a push toward the door.
Carey to her, and then gave Philip a friendly push towards her.
"No matter for the money," said she, giving him a little push towards the door; for her old gentility was contumaciously squeamish at sight of the copper coin, and, besides, it seemed such pitiful meanness to take the child's pocket-money in exchange for a bit of stale gingerbread.
The analyst cites the company's relative advantage in a "push toward hybrid" with its "cohesive all-flash business and Data Fabric strategy" and expects its market share to grow to 14% from 12%.
Airlines are readying to push for anti-ETS moves With solid bipartisan opposition to the European Union's emissions-trading scheme, Airlines for America is gearing up for a push toward the next steps from Congress and the White House in efforts against the EU policy.
It is the most important event because it constitutes the beginning of a new stage in the Middle East amid two pushes: An unprecedented Western push toward Damascus to topple the regime; and an Iranian push toward the Gulf states," he said.
Residents in Mogadishu's northern neighborhoods fled explosions and gunfire as the troops made a push toward positions held by al-Shabab militants.
Though a true boycott of Israeli goodsand there are believed to be actually very few of themwould require a thorough accounting of the Coop's suppliers, the push toward endorsing the B.D.S.
"Hakeem called for exploiting the investment opportunities to improve services in the province, in addition to push toward activating the financial grants to college students," the source concluded.
The comments by Azzam Ahmad indicate that Abbas may be giving up on stalled peace talks with Israel and prefers to pursue unity with Gaza's Hamas rulers in a push toward independence.
Summary: Morocco continues its push toward widespread mobile phone penetration.
David Knowlton, an instructional design educator and the author of the second article, Zen and the Art of Ghost Busting within a Radical Classroom Milieu, describes ghosts that haunt his teacher life: the ghost of student-centered versus content-centered, the ghost of grading versus ongoing, formative feedback, and the ghost of the current push toward "authentic practice" versus pulling future teachers toward deep learning.