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The Renault-Nissan Alliance is pushing ahead with a plan to build a factory for low-cost vehicles in Tangiers, Morocco, despite the deepening crisis in the automotive industry, a Renault spokeswoman said on Thursday.a "The industrial project has not been called into question," a spokeswoman for Renault, France's second-largest carmaker, which has a partnership agreement with Japan's Nissan Motor Co,.
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who marked the third anniversary of his premiership Monday, remains committed to pushing ahead with structural reforms, especially in the financial sectors and privatization of postal services amid signs of economic recovery.
Today, it is Crystallex which is pushing ahead with Las Cristinas, while Vannessa has filed more than a dozen lawsuits to try to stop it.
But that will not prevent the 32- year-old Radio Five Live pundit pushing ahead with his plans to find an English club ready to give him another chance to pull on his boots again.
Intercontinental is pushing ahead with cost cutting plans, which includes the loss of 800 jobs from a global workforce of 2,600.
But I think Ricci would be far more interested in pushing ahead on "inculturation" and "dialogue." He never used those exact words, but he clearly understood their meaning.
is pushing ahead. The German-based giant's American arm has created a startup led by industry veterans, consolidating operations and underwriting authority in its Chicago and New York offices to ensure responsiveness and speed decision-making.
Bush (with no popular mandate) is pushing ahead with his faith-based initiative designed to have taxpayers involuntarily support sectarian charities that Christian, Jewish, and Muslim teachings generally say should be a voluntary religious duty.
The study estimates that if migration levels reach 1.2 million and the fertility rate reaches 2.2, the old age dependency ratio will still reach 0.4 by 2050, almost double what it is today.Drawing on these figures, a spokesman for Ms Diamantopoulou stressed the importance of pushing ahead with the social reforms that have been put on the table by the Commission.