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Despite the urging of FEI and a number of others, the SEC appears to be pushing ahead with implementation of Staff Accounting Bulletin No.
With AIDS research pushing ahead in fits and starts, the Scientists' Institute for Public Information (a nonprofit organization funded by private foundations, corporations and the media) held a press seminar in New York last week to highlight some of the starts.
Market liberalisation and privatisation are pushing ahead
The Schwarzenegger administration, stressing that the rule change would not give employers the right to stop employees from taking a lunch break, is still pushing ahead with it and said it will likely take effect in late March or early April.
Although the country's three operators are now pushing ahead with differentiation, one player--Vodafone--is pulling ahead of the competition with its increasing focus on converged fixed-mobile solutions.
After plans for a joint fire station/sheriff's substation fell through because of financial constraints and space concerns, county officials are pushing ahead with the construction of a fire station at 35th Street West north of Rosamond Boulevard.
6 billion last year, but the firm is pushing ahead with plans for a pounds 100 billion link-up with rival SmithKline Beecham.
Duck Creek and MHP are now pushing ahead on the next phase, which adds even greater functionality to their solution.
Even so, Jane Brooks, head of the Thousand Oaks Art Commission, is pushing ahead with her plan.
With 15 #1 singles and two Grammy Awards, she is the only artist to top the charts every year of the 1990's, pushing ahead of The Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent atop BILLBOARD'S Hot 100 Singles chart with "Heartbreaker.
UNDIES ARE SHOWING: Despite objections from two women's groups and a media watchdog organization Tuesday, CBS is pushing ahead with ``The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
They opened things up in the third quarter, pushing ahead to a 47-33 lead midway threw the period and leading 52 -39 going into the fourth.