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The extensive embroidery on the breast is the text's Medusan laughter, chiefly evoked by Pearl as she represents the "rich, voluptuous, Oriental characteristic" of Hester's nature (59) while mocking the law of the fathers and the pusillanimity of her father.
Yet the laugher, at least in "My Kinsman," does not necessarily have to see his amusement at Robin's expense as a "signe of pusillanimity.
Eventually, you'd find most of 'em frozen in catatonic states between enormous displays of firearms, having suffered "data overload" seizures and, to put it delicately, enuresis ignavus: involuntary wetting due to acute pusillanimity.
Stylistically very similar is his satire on pusillanimity at the sight of elites, 'Adrift on the Policy Level'.
But the courage from any of these quarters to air publicly the government funding agencies' dirty little secrets has been lacking, and there has been only pusillanimity and politically correct silence.
The Lady would have the King avenge the rape she suffered as she returned home from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, but she grows desperate over his pusillanimity.
Its opposite is micropsychia, which means pusillanimity or small mindedness (Harvard, 2007).
Davies does not dwell on the personal misfortunes to which he was subjected by the pusillanimity of Dulles; his account of his banishment from the Foreign Service is austere and dignified.
His] analysis of the pusillanimity of Western journalists and intellectuals is bracing, though one greedily wants more of it.
It may be recalled that it was the SGPC and Akali pusillanimity, if not cowardice, that enabled Bhindranwale and his henchmen to occupy the Sikh holy of holies and convert it into an armed fortress that required military action to free it.
Each of these angles has their contrary excesses or deficiencies, such as wastefulness, meanness, vulgarity, pettiness, vanity or pusillanimity (43).
Prosperity hasn't just trickled down the privilege ladder; it has cascaded down in torrents that have swept away the pusillanimity of socialist delusion and replaced it with the can-do, will-do approach of the new Indian middle class.