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2010) Corinnidae Afroceto area Mohale Dam Lyle & Haddad, (29[degrees]25'S Lyle & Haddad 2010 28[degrees]03'E); (2010) Near Ha Thlaku (30[degrees]09'S 28[degrees]14'E); Quthing (30[degrees]24'S 27[degrees]42'E) Afroceto Qacha's Nek Lyle & Haddad martini (Simon, (30[degrees]06'S (2010) 1897) 28[degrees]41'E) Copuetta Roma Valley Haddad (2013) laeustris (29[degrees]27'S (Strand, 1916) 27[degrees]43'E) Fuchiba montana Mohale Dam Haddad & Lyle Haddad & (29[degrees]25'S (2008) Lyle, 2008 28[degrees]03'E); Mohale Lodge (29[degrees]28'S 28[degrees]03'E) * Trachelas Mohale Dam Lyle (2008) pusillus (29[degrees]25'S Lessert, 1923 28[degrees]03'E) Gnaphosidae Camillina Not specified Dippenaar- pavesii (Simon, Schoeman et al.
Tribe Species Chaitophorini Chaitophorus longipesi Tissot Chaitophorus nigrae Oestlund Chaitophorus nigricentrus Richards Chaitophorus nudus Richards Chaitophorus populicola Thomas Chaitophorus populifoliae Oestlund Siphini Sipha (Rungsia) elegans del Guercio Tribe Species Chaitophorini Chaitophorus populifolii Chaitophorus pusillus Hottes & Frison Chaitophorus saliniger Shinji Chaitophorus stevensis Sanborn Chaitophorus viminalis Monell Siphini Sipha flava Tribe Species Chaitophorini Chaitophorus viminicola Hille Ris Lambers Periphyllus americanus Periphyllus californiensis (Shinji) Periphyllus lyropictus (Kessler) Periphyllus negundinis (Thomas) Siphini Sipha glyceriae TABLE 9.
pusillus were selected for further investigation along with a fruit fragment with seeds from the London Clay (Cantisolanum daturoides).
Production of highly efficient enzymes for flax retting by Rhizomucor pusillus.
Here the following fungi species dominated: Oidiodendron tenuissimum (the frequency of detection 39%); Fulvia fulva (34%); Penicillium funiculosum (31%); Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (29%), Rhizomucor pusillus (27%), Chrysosporium pannorum (23%), Mucor racemosus (21%).
Leptophilypnion pusillus new genus and species is described from three specimens, 8.
rabbits and hares 10/2 Felis libyca wildcat 1/1 Mellivora capensis honey badger 1/1 Arctocephalus pusillus Cape fur seal 3/1 Raphicerus campestres steenbok 1/1 Bos taurus cattle 1/1 small bovid(s) 9/1 large-medium bovid(s) 1/1 large bovid(s) 3/1 Chersina angulata angulate tortoise 4 Spheniscus demersus African penguin 1/1 other birds 1/1 fish 4/1 Table 2.
Meropidae Merops pusillus Little bee-eater Merops orientalis Little green bee-eater 22.
X Potamogeton praelongus Wulfen X Potamogeton pusillus L.
Sulfrea, Mucor pusillus and Melanocarpus albomyces (Hedger and Hudson, 1974 and Volchatova et al.
Metropator pusillus Handlirsch 1906 is of Early Pennsylvanian age (Namurian Stage) and originates from the Altamont Coal Mine of the Lower Pottsville Group in central Pennsylvania.