put aboard

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Clayton asked no questions--he did not need to--and the following day, as the great lines of a British battleship grew out of the distant horizon, he half determined to demand that he and Lady Alice be put aboard her, for his fears were steadily increasing that nothing but harm could result from remaining on the lowering, sullen Fuwalda.
We've gotten a tremendous response from the medical community, as well as our customers, since the AED was put aboard," said Dr.
Our loved ones were sacrificed by being put aboard a plane that was destroyed by a bomb that could, and in our view should, have easily been stopped being put aboard.
Frank and Pat were put aboard the Whirlwind helicopter - but only five minutes into their emergency flight to Barnstaple Hospital, disaster struck again.
A tow line was put aboard the stricken yacht, and, by feeling their way back round, the lifeboat crew led the yacht to Conwy marina.
Holiday airline Thomas Cook said it would refuse to fly if they were put aboard.
Pumps were put aboard and units of the fire service helped to reduced the water.
The 45-foot Chandra is the biggest X-ray telescope ever built and the heaviest payload ever put aboard a space shuttle.
It's the first time a full 18-hole course has ever been put aboard a cruise ship.
He was interned as an alien and in 1940 put aboard the troopship Duner a sailing from Liverpool for a secret destination that was Australia.
The cost of the weapons put aboard Ark Royal at the Glen Douglas armaments depot in Loch Long during the past week would fund a whole host of cash-starved public service projects.
The girl was put aboard a city fire helicopter that went down minutes later, near Griffith Park, apparently after the tail rotor's yoke assembly failed.