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Student Charlie Jones, 18, said: "It is good to see some balance being put across now.
The point was also put across quite unequivocally when former external affairs minister S M Krishna went to Pakistan in September and met his counterpart Hina Rabbani Khar.
He was working on a video to put across the 'anti-violence' message.
A messenger wire, running from the beachhead base to the ship, is being used to put across a heavy-duty steel 12mm cable.
There are plenty of alternative words or expressions that could be utilised to put across feelings.
The stories have put across a false and beleaguered impression of Deganwy.
A company needs to think about the image it wants to put across, who it wants to reach and the specific goals they wish to achieve for their outlay.
His aim was not to put across a message, but to make people aware of the rich variety of indigenous cultures of the land they lived in.
After 25 years they can still put across the same passion.
Using the style of comics and cartoons to put across his loony worldview, this French artist has populated his exhibitions with a playful and appealing bestiary for more than fifteen years.