put ahead

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It's time essentials were put ahead of non-essentials.
Whenever there is the slightest drop of rain in New York and London, the prices shoot through the roof but when users are in real need, it's disgusting to think how profit was put ahead of people.
Their interests will continue to be put ahead of all else, regardless of the cost to the country as a whole.
O'Driscoll stressed the Lions tour and the ambition to achieve Leinster's goal of becoming the first team to lift the Heineken Cup in three successive seasons has been put ahead of individual objectives.
Obama, Americans have learned the 'hard way' exactly why the framers insisted that the President be a 'natural born citizen,' as the interests of foreign countries have frequently been put ahead of American interests," Klayman said.
My view is perception has been put ahead of welfare a long time ago.
Heinz said that giving 40 per cent of its board seats to directors linked to Mr Peltz may result in Trian's interests being put ahead of other shareholders.
It claims this has resulted in costs being put ahead of quality - at the expense of jobs, pay and conditions.
Ethics and honesty must be put ahead of expedience, and safeguards must be put into place to protect taxpayer dollars and the public interest.
But he's still grimly determined to put ahead the most ambitious undertaking in the history of Irish sport.
It's "let's make a pick" time for GE, and I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest an April 35 put ahead of earnings.
He said: "Savings are being put ahead of safety and, in doing so, the MoD is putting both its own staff and the public at risk.