put aside

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Save your pennies: Put aside any spare change or bills you have laying around over the next two months.
However, if we could put aside all of these differences and put aside the sovereignty issue, we may be able to reach a consensus and try to share the resources that may be taken out of this area.
HSBC has also put aside USD589m for potential further PPI insurance mis-selling claims.
Summary: A leading representative of the private sector urged all political sides to put aside their differences and respond to Sleiman's attempts to reconvene a session of National Dialogue.
Younger people are managing to put aside more money than anyone else under 65, the study found.
The TUC Congress in London backed a motion by the Professional Footballers' Association saying the home nations should put aside their differences for a Team GB next year.
A total of pounds 700m will be spent on borough wide services with almost pounds 115m put aside for public amenities including pounds 5m extra care for the elderly; pounds 11m for the Northwich Culture and Recreation Centre; pounds 8m for a new Chester Market; pounds 33m for Chester Theatre and pounds 200,000 to fund the EPIC Centre replacement feasibility study at Ellesmere Port.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday urged all Afghans to put aside their differences and act "democratically" to solve the pressing problems facing the country.
Leaders and members of the parliamentary factions need to put aside their ambitions and to move forward, he said in an interview with the AKIpress.
Even on a salary that has been halved, it is possible for them to put aside some money u of course not without sacrificing old habits and avoiding places that tempt them to overspend.
Unsurprisingly, not one penny has been put aside (despite Brown stealing pounds 150 billion from private pensions).
4 : cheerless, gloomy <She put aside desolate thoughts.