put aside

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The three locked ferril-backed books, with five worn pocket-books, he put aside.
But, as he went on, the Bishop's face, that had erst been smiling and ruddy with merriment, waxed serious, and he put aside the horn of wine he held in his hand, for he knew the story of Sir Richard, and his heart sank within him with grim forebodings.
And if a friend should go so far as to put aside his duty to Heaven to fulfil his duty to his friend, it should not be in matters that are trifling or of little moment, but in such as affect the friend's life and honour.
I plead with you," he said, "whoever you may be, provided that you care about the truth; but most of all I plead with working- man, with those to whom the evils I portray are not mere matters of sentiment, to be dallied and toyed with, and then perhaps put aside and forgotten--to whom they are the grim and relentless realities of the daily grind, the chains upon their limbs, the lash upon their backs, the iron in their souls.
The aperture was so screened and narrow, that curtain or shutter had been deemed unnecessary; and when I stooped down and put aside the spray of foliage shooting over it, I could see all within.
Let's put aside what divides us and put aside our self-interest in favor of working together for the common well-being of humanity,' Ban told the opening of the summit in Addis Ababa, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.
To fund PS24,364 a year for 20 years - the figure Scots describe as a "comfortable retirement" - savers would need to put aside PS10,828 a year, building up a pot of PS487,280.
In a statement issued on Friday, he said that the whole nation has to put aside their political and ideological differences and get united to help the people affected by floods.
On average, people put aside PS75 each month, although nearly half of those who save manage to put aside PS100 or more.
We should put aside disputes, work in the same direction and seek solutions through dialogue and consultation, particularly when it comes to disputes concerning sovereignty as well as maritime rights and interests," he said, while denying this means China is making an "unconditional compromise.
The study conducted by the Federal Statistics Office also revealed that, while the average disposable income of Swiss households was just under CHF 7,000 per month in 2010, those earning CHF 4,800 per month or less were unable to put aside any savings.
Summary: A leading representative of the private sector urged all political sides to put aside their differences and respond to Sleiman's attempts to reconvene a session of National Dialogue.