put at stake

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The UCP collected the first gold of the day in one-kilometre team trial, which was won by Muhammad Maqsood, who single-handedly steered his institution to all the medals which were put at stake.
Modi has put at stake countries of this region and life of people living in these countries by abrogating special status of Occupied Kashmir.
However, in this case the reputation of the family has been put at stake.
Speaking on the occasion, Iqbal said that Pakistan's sovereignty had been put at stake by the incumbent government by going to the IMF, adding that, 'We have never seen a situation where a sitting government had appointed federal ministers at the behest of IMF.'
Appalled by the CAA's report, the top judge said that people's lives were put at stake.
Another official told this reporter that the disconnection of electricity supply has also put at stake the anti-polio, anti-measles and other vaccines stored at the centre.
The WBC put at stake along with eternal bragging rights a "Money Belt." The strap was made from Italian-made alligator leather emblazoned with 3.
In the light of the fact that Russia raised its import criteria, the Mayor of Rosoman urges the authorities to help find alternative markets because the municipality's very survival is put at stake.
However, they said that drug business had reached to its peak in the area which had put at stake the lives of young generation while political administration was a silent spectator and seemed helpless in this regard.
Observers assess that the failure to reach an agreement on key issues from the Agreement from Przino, deepened the political crisis and the irresponsible behavior of politicians put at stake the future of Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic perspectives.
In his view, the pressure on Greece in recent days is unprecedented and the only reason why the EU put pressure was because a lot of money and the common currency are put at stake. It is hardly probable, in fact, unthinkable, he says, that the EU member states would put similar pressure on another member state for other reasons.
The intelligentsia believed current Afghan leadership had put at stake the hard-earned reputation of the nation.