put away

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"No, she thought it was n't the thing for a poor minister's girls to go flourishing about in second-hand finery, so she did what I 'm doing now, put away what would be useful and proper for us by and by, and let us play with the shabby, silk bonnets and dirty, flounced gowns.
He therefore ordered it to be put away in the garret."
"Indeed, indeed, sir, everything is here in the tower that has ever been put away in my time except--except--" here he began to shake and tremble it--"except the chest which Mr.
When they came to the stairs, the soldier ran on before the princesses, and laid himself down; and as the twelve sisters slowly came up very much tired, they heard him snoring in his bed; so they said, 'Now all is quite safe'; then they undressed themselves, put away their fine clothes, pulled off their shoes, and went to bed.
And when you've done that goo on to my house with the basket, and tell my wife to put away that washing, because she needn't finish it, and wait till I come hwome, as I've news to tell her."
Philip quietly put away the various things which he had shown.
"Everything will have to be cleaned up and put away."
Cecily and I are going to wait on the tables, and we'll put away a little of everything that's extra nice for our suppers."
For your long-term goals such as retirement, you should try to put away 20-30 per cent of your monthly salary." - Gemma Frankland | Head of Global Partners at Guardian Wealth Management
Women's savings tended to be much lower than men's, with the average female saver having just under PS13,000 and the typical male saver having just over PS20,000 put away.
Jonathon Wilson was 35-yards out when he unleashed a special to give Shankhouse a 29th-minute lead against Northbank; Stephen Young was around three yards out when he put away the second in the 48th minute.