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On 13th of the current month, the Plant was targeted by terrorists with rocket shells and then put back into service after more than eight- day halt where it began to feed the electrical grid with 66 megawatts.
She said: "We talked to the International Federations yesterday, we were able to put back into the pot for sale around 3,000 tickets last night, they have all been sold.
Managing director Gary Hampton said: "Windows Plus is a local family-run business who realise that without the local community they would not be where they are today, so at times such as this it is important to put back into the community.
Assuming your title deeds confirm that the original position of the fence was correct you will almost certainly be entitled to have the fence put back into its original position.
Of course you will always get one who will do a runner, only to be caught and put back into closed prison.
2 : to put back into use or service <Power has been restored.