put back into service

See: reinstate
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In the 1950's the aircraft was modified and put back into service by the RCAF for the mapping of the Arctic in Operation SHORAN, and Cold War reconnaissance missions including surveillance of Soviet ice stations.
When the plane was put back into service, flight crew overlooked the error during the pre-flight procedure, the after-start check, and the after take-off check.
With super-fast cure times, Enviroline 405HTR consistently allows storage vessels to be put back into service in as little as 14 hours after coating.
Because a B-52 had never before been put back into service from storage, Air Force Global Strike Command projected the project would take 90 days.
The Minister noted that the Police Hospital in Aleppo will be re-opened and put back into service in the next couple of weeks.
FY 14/15: Park Place well has failed and will be redrilled and put back into service to provide 400 gpm of expected capacity.
Cox added: "It needed a structural inspection before new lifts could be put back into service.
Too many LRUs are being put back into service without new seals and that can cause problems.
ANA operates around a third of the 50 787s that Boeing has delivered, more than half of which have now been put back into service.
The gifting of the engine comes with conditions: She must be relocated to Anchorage (which happened in January), be rehabilitated and put back into service.
A spokesperson for Iran Air said the plane had suffered only superficial damage, and will be put back into service after repairs are carried out.
The locomotive that caused the delay was repaired and tested during the day and put back into service for the 5 p.