put behind bars

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Anti-knife campaigner John Johnson, whose son Kevin was murdered outside his Sunderland home in May 2007, has slammed figures that reveal just a fraction of those caught carrying knives have been put behind bars.
A MARRIED dad-oftwowhose life spiralled out of control prompting him to rob a bookmakers was put behind bars.
But it makes no sense to put behind bars incompetents, idiots and other flotsam.
THE jailed mother of Rhys Jones's killer has run up more than pounds 2,000 in rent arrears since being put behind bars, an eviction hearing was told.
Criminals put behind bars because of the database would still be out and about.
A GUNMAN who shot his girlfriend in her own home has been warned he could be put behind bars.
After a dramatic showdown with Pete, evil Zoe is put behind bars.
Without it, these drug peddlers might never have been caught and put behind bars.
A teenager who cost jailed gun teacher Linda Walker her job has been put behind bars for eight months for launching another hate campaign against a young couple.
In some cases, state prison officials aren't really sure of the true identities of people who have been convicted and put behind bars.
A boy of 14 who drove a stolen car when it crashed and killed one of his friends has escaped being put behind bars.
A DRUNKEN brute who smashed every bone in an old tramp's face during a vicious attack has been put behind bars.