put behind bars

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"We can be sure that they will be put behind bars and they will pay for their sins," he added.
We demand that all those who were falsely implicated in Malegaon blasts and put behind bars for the last four years be released immediately."
At Liverpool County Court, Paul Burns, prosecuting on behalf of Riverside Housing Association, told His Honour Judge Graham Platts that Janette Mercer had failed to pay rent since being put behind bars in April and had accumulated more than pounds 2,000 in arrears.
I'd feel much safer if he was back in the community where he belongs and more drunken yobs were put behind bars.
A teenager has been put behind bars for 20 months for trying to rob a schoolboy on a bus.
If so, can he be prosecuted and put behind bars? These are crucial and intriguing questions to anyone who feels that Rumsfeld not only bore major responsibility for the secret torturing of Middle Eastern detainees, but was also guilty of war crimes for his part in implementing an illegal and unjust attack on the sovereign nation of Iraq (along with President George W.
They were put behind bars for life and they should stay in jail for life and should not get the chance to appeal.
The independent council is also expected to recommend men convicted of domestic violence should go on education courses in the community instead of being put behind bars.
interrogate: (A) chat with; (B) put behind bars; (C) put underground; (D) question formally
MIDLANDER Mick McDonagh will be put behind bars - if he is caught by gardai drinking in any pub in Ireland!
"In Europe people are starting to be put behind bars for saying what they think," warned Palko, citing the Green case as an illustration of why the KDH opposed a recently adopted anti-discrimination law in Slovakia.
SHOWBIZ stars are to be put behind bars in a new reality game show - where contestants are locked up in a real prison.