put beside

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Clare lived, and walked, and moved, as one who has shed every tear;--to the last he saw only one thing, that golden head in the coffin; but then he saw the cloth spread over it, the lid of the coffin closed; and he walked, when he was put beside the others, down to a little place at the bottom of the garden, and there, by the mossy seat where she and Tom had talked, and sung, and read so often, was the little grave.
It's the kind of rice you can put beside anything - a curry, a winter stew - although sometimes I need nothing more than a small bowl of it on its own.
com: "The person I was supposed to be going over with, he's a good friend of mine and he's one of my sponsors, he said that because I wasn't able to go to the game he would make a banner for me to put beside the pitch while the match was being played.
The DEMAR put beside the ZDv 1525/1 represents another control room for the operation of German military aircraft.
But all of these pale into insignificance when put beside Channel 4's Sex Diaries.
In this place we found many mines that were put beside each other, like booby traps.
The CR-V, despite doing a good job of keeping its looks up-to-date, may be starting to show its years, especially when put beside the two fresher models.
The drama group, who appear in July, were put beside pyramids, the Sphinx and swaying palm trees, and given suntans.
Describing Mendis as the fourth of the originals, Roebuck says he is a flicker of the ball to put beside Jack Iverson, John Gleeson and Sonny Ramadhin.
DYLAN THOMAS WAS NO STRANGER TO SAUCINESS, AS SNIPPETS OF HIS WORK SHOW "A merry girl took me for man, I laid her down and told her sin, And put beside her a ram rose" - from Find Meat On Bones "I am a draper mad with love.
Frasier fir scented hand lotion and hand wash by Thymes come in this holder to put beside your sink for holiday guests.