put forth effort

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This, of course, should not be taken for granted and we have put forth effort to preserve the country as an island of peace and tolerance, as a model of peaceful coexistence of religions and ethnic groups," daily Trud quotes him as saying at a press conference.
Millennials are willing to work hard and put forth effort when their company provides interesting and challenging work assignments that provide opportunity for career advancement," says contributing author and FMI Research Analyst Paul Trombitas.
Even President Clinton put forth effort on their behalf.
If you put forth effort to achieve a goal and fall short, you still have accomplished a great amount, so be encouraged.
Moreover, the young men noted that their "educators' personalities and teaching styles [were] critical in determining whether or not they would put forth effort.
He told students that he counsels college coaches to "be very careful who you bring to your team" and told them a story about a highly-skilled basketball player he planned to recruit who turned out to be "a selective participant" who didn't put forth effort in practices.
The manufacturer's sales and marketing people have to put forth effort in the rep's direction.
Stating that luck is all about taking the opportunities when they appear, and finding those opportunities so you can take them, it spells out that all you need to be one of the 'lucky' ones is available to everyone who's willing to put forth effort to get there.
Jihad is not another word for holy war; it is an Arabic word, the root of which is jahada, which means to strive for a better way of life, to endeavor, to strain, to exert, to put forth effort, to be diligent, alert and open to possibilities.
You must put forth effort to market the contract in conjunction with the prime as well as other team members.
If a program in math or reading encourages students to put forth effort in exchange for immediate, ephemeral prizes at the expense of fostering a lasting appreciation for and enjoyment of math or reading, the end result for us as teachers is disappointing.
That perspective included that students lacked proper morals or ethics; they had problems with personal hygiene and appropriate appearance; they had many life problems stemming from lack of family support, education, knowledge of good nutrition, good parenting skills, money management skills, and life management skills; and many lacked a work ethic and motivation, failed to put forth effort, and were lazy.