put forward

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Only elected members can put forward motions to the council.
A proposal has also been put forward by the foreign affairs, defence and national security committee to have the Traffic Directorate auction off "interesting or worthwhile" number plates in a public auction and deposit the amount collected in the government's funds.
They also highlighted some of the difficulties being faced by expatriate Pakistanis and put forward suggestions for their solution as well.
At the meeting it was stated that an independent traffic assessment had been undertaken but had only been put forward the day before the planning meeting and had not been seen by the county council.
The second scenario would be to put forward the dollar certificates for the same terms but with yields in Egyptian pound.
I want to thank those who put forward this initiative," said Nazarbayev.
They fielded a high level team at the public inquiry into the OCS and, speaking for developers, rebutted arguments put forward by protest groups.
In this week's offering there were actually a couple of controversial - and, therefore, interesting - suggestions for banishment put forward by guests, before they reverted to bland and tedious pet hates.
I expect he will put forward a very good case as to why he's the best person for the role.
Councillors in Perth have put forward proposals to alter Broxden roundabout following the side's 2-0 victory over Dundee United on Saturday.
These forums have budgets for projects within the communities where residents and councillors can put forward their suggestions.
They rejected proposals put forward by the Friends Of The Coliseum to reopen the building in Porthmadog, which closed in 2011.