put forward for consideration

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As a result, the league will represent the region at the national awards ceremony, their nomination put forward for consideration by a national judging panel which includes 1966 World Cup winner Sir Geoff Hurst.
Those names were put forward for consideration alongside previous Football League award winners and those nominated by fans via social media.
More than 40 GTI members were put forward for consideration, but only a limited number of squad places were available.
We will therefore keep your letter on hold until after the General Election and your request will be put forward for consideration through the council's formal cabinet/council process thereafter.
If it is decided that a new presenter is needed, then may I respectfully propose that 'Caesar Flickerman,' late of the Hunger Games, be put forward for consideration.
The opportunity to lead a school like Tuck is a rare one, and this was reflected in the strength of our pool and the exceptional candidates we put forward for consideration," says Hansen.
Another proposal put forward for consideration was to provide the treated water from the STPs to the users on chargeable basis thus generating some revenue for the river rejuvenation project.
All candidates put forward for consideration by divisions/department heads are carefully evaluated by BBK's "Awards Committee" and the selection of the six winners follows a rigorous assessment process.
com/article/2013/09/10/us-microsoft-ceo-idUSBRE98904K20130910) Reuters have said that three of the top 20 investors in Microsoft are urging the board to consider a "turnaround expert" with Ford's current CEO Alan Mulally among those being put forward for consideration.
The source added: "Mary will record a couple of songs and they will be put forward for consideration.
We have been pleased to see a good stream of quality business plans being put forward for consideration for investment from the FFBNE Growth Fund that we manage, and this is showing clear signs of increasing rather than decreasing as we reach the end of the year.
And experience tells the game's elder statesman that what's being put forward for consideration now is the only viable alternative to a worrying future.