put into execution

See: enforce
References in classic literature ?
When Marianne was recovered, the schemes of amusement at home and abroad, which Sir John had been previously forming, were put into execution.
Which I beg of you not to put into execution," interposed the doctor.
All that is not to be put into execution before the arrival of the king at Nantes.
The plan for Natalie Rostova's abduction had been arranged and the preparations made by Dolokhov a few days before, and on the day that Sonya, after listening at Natasha's door, resolved to safeguard her, it was to have been put into execution.
At length growing impatient and feeling my heart languishing with longing to see her, I resolved to put into execution and carry out what seemed to me the best mode of winning my desired and merited reward, to ask her of her father for my lawful wife, which I did.
He would have given anything to withdraw it, for that name, proclaimed in the stillness of the night, had acted as though it were the preconcerted signal for a furious rush on the part of the whole turn-out, which dashed past him before he could put into execution his plan of leaping at the horses' heads.
At last, determining that all must be but idle speculation until after we had had a chance to explore the city and attempt to put into execution the plan Talu had suggested, we bade each other good night and turned to sleep.
Though it is a curious fact, I was universally told that the character of the convict population is one of arrant cowardice: not unfrequently some become desperate, and quite indifferent as to life, yet a plan requiring cool or continued courage is seldom put into execution.
It is impossible," said Comminges; "the order is strict and must be put into execution this instant.
2 billion to the Middle East in 2012 which had "already been put into execution.
When the transit system was envisaged and put into execution, the authorities and the leadership of Dubai exerted every effort to ensure its success.
The terms have also mandated that this will be put into execution devoid of impacting the current minimum guaranteed tonnage delivered by other berth operators at berth Nos.