put into isolation

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After she was put into isolation, another consultant from infectious diseases told us it was a really infectious illness which should have been wiped out with inoculations.
A SCHOOLGIRL was put into isolation by school bosses after she had a new haircut to improve her confidence after claims of bullying, her family say.
Mr Scotto added: "He was put into isolation immediately after winning his release because the jail authorities feared a jealous prisoner might shank [knife] him.
Kayz Maria Donaldson: "My daughter was told her tights were too see-through even though they were black and told she needed blacker ones or she would be put into isolation.
Around 150 pupils at George Stephenson High in Killingworth were put into isolation in the first two days of term for not wearing the correct uniform.
Cameron, a fourth-year pupil at Bell Baxter High School, was put into isolation but just hours later his mum started feeling unwell.
The Racing Post reported that the horse had been put into isolation in Newmarket, while two other horses that shared the same flight were being monitored.
The father-of-two was put into isolation as a precaution while tests were conducted but the results came back as negative and it was confirmed he did not have the disease.
The health of a Spanish nurse with Ebola worsened on Thursday and four other people were put into isolation in Madrid, while the country's government rejected claims its methods for dealing with the disease weren't working and blamed human error.
She was put into isolation and submitted to the appropriate tests which confirm her infection with the virus.
2) Pupils at Colne Valley High have been put into isolation on their first day of school - for wearing the wrong trousers.
We waited 24 hours for her to be put into isolation.