put into motion

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A recent report in ProPublica detailed some of the solutions that have already been put into motion to lower costs, including a nonprofit called Partners for World Health that sorts and collects perfectly usable medical products cast away by hospitals in the U.
The deal, which includes four lumber companies from across the Commonwealth, was put into motion during his last European Trade mission in April.
This move is a part of the company's top leadership succession plan, which was put into motion last August with Pawan's appointment as the vice chairman, CEO and MD.
And in the end it doesn't really matter, because the dialogues he put into motion, and the work that was created in preparation for this project.
Nicola Cowell, community food initiative coordinator, said: "If a group has researched a concept for a local food project that they want to put into motion, this is the ideal opportunity to make it a reality.
com, the reality star's sisters Kourtney and Khloe have spared no expenses for the special bash for the mum-to-be on 2nd June and even sent out the party invitations, which contain music boxes that, when opened, play the rapper's song 'Hey Mama' and put into motion a twirling toy ballerina, Contactmusic reported.
Watching degradation of areas that have species overgrowth because of a lack of predators is sad when the solution can be easily seen yet is not put into motion due to undue fear of predators.
Plans were quickly put into motion and by June the university had gained provisional approval for the programme from the GOC.
Within 10 days of the visit, Mr House informed us that he had identified a way forward to put into motion plans for the improvements to the Stanway Road temporary road closure, allowing it to become a permanent arrangement.
The timebound process was put into motion on recommendation of the P.
If the plans are put into motion, it could be the Fed's biggest overhaul in decades.
Each time the American voters were deliberately frightened by false claims that their security was at stake, and each time a hugely profitable enterprise was put into motion and sustained for years.