put into operation

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Before it had gotten into action its crew lay dead about it; but there were other men to take their places, reluctantly perhaps; but driven on by their officers they were forced to it and at the same time two other machine guns were swung around toward the ape-man and put into operation.
Magnetic resonance imaging with accessories consisting of a) supply of equipment with required technical parameters to the destination, its assembly, installation, putting into operation in accordance with applicable legal rules governing the subject matter, the briefing service and provide free warranty service throughout the warranty period of 24 months;b) post-warranty service for a period of five years (ie, 60 months);c) the necessary building modifications premises, including building modifications related to the installation, assembly and put into operation a particular type of device.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Mansour Moazzami announced that his ministry is resolved to put into operation all phases of the South Pars, the World's largest gas field, in the Persian Gulf, by 2017 regardless of the sanctions imposed on Iran.
HPI", the "Company")(NYSE: HNP; HKEx: 902; SSE: 600011) today announced that the 2 x 660 MW coal-fired generation units (a total of 1,320 MW) of the "Closing down smaller generation units and replaced with bigger ones" project of Zhejiang Huaneng Changxing Power Plant (which is wholly-owned by the Company) has recently put into operation.
The manager of the San Marcos Wind Farm, Jose Moran said "We will put into operation 25 wind turbines, which currently are in a trial period in order to ensure reliable operation of the machines according to the design parameters.
Ghayur and the Chinese company also put into operation a cement plant for $100 million with a capacity of 1 million tons in Yovon district (70 km east of Dushanbe) in August 2013.
At the moment Tajikistan has finished the testing of the second aggregate of the power plant that was put into operation in September.
Summary: Ain Temouchent (Algeria)- Algeria's section of Medgaz project, a submarine natural gas pipeline between Algeria and Spain, has been completed and is to be put into operation soon, the project's managers said Tuesday in Beni Saf, province of Ain Temouchent (400 km west of Algiers).
first-phase facility is put into operation in September 2013, Xinhua News
At a visit to the under-construction plant, Iranian ambassador Javd Mansouri said that Iran Khodro`s plant in China has got 65 percent physical development and it will be put into operation in the second half of 2010.
Lacey said it was robust but hard to understand and to put into operation.
8 million transportation center will be put into operation Saturday, serving the Antelope Valley Transit Authority's local bus passengers.