put into operation

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Before it had gotten into action its crew lay dead about it; but there were other men to take their places, reluctantly perhaps; but driven on by their officers they were forced to it and at the same time two other machine guns were swung around toward the ape-man and put into operation.
Construction of the terminal began in May 2016, and it is to be put into operation by the summer tourist season.
The first wind power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Mesihovina - will be put into operation on Wednesday, March 14, at 12:00 hrs on the plateau of the wind farm in Gornji Brisnik in Tomislavgrad.
In terms of the Osh sanitary Epidemiological Center, a new toilet has been put into operation, the old one is being rehabilitated, according to Deputy Chief Doctor Artyk Eraliyev.
The Iranian Armed Forces in January put into operation the home-made 'Nazir' radar system with the capability of detecting radar-evading targets and fighting against electronic warfare.
State-owned gas grid operator Bulgartransgas has put into operation the key Strandzha compressor station following investment of BGN 70 M, the ministry said in a statement.
The last plant of the cascade is supposed to be put into operation by 2019.
At the moment Tajikistan has finished the testing of the second aggregate of the power plant that was put into operation in September.
Summary: Ain Temouchent (Algeria)- Algeria's section of Medgaz project, a submarine natural gas pipeline between Algeria and Spain, has been completed and is to be put into operation soon, the project's managers said Tuesday in Beni Saf, province of Ain Temouchent (400 km west of Algiers).
At a visit to the under-construction plant, Iranian ambassador Javd Mansouri said that Iran Khodro`s plant in China has got 65 percent physical development and it will be put into operation in the second half of 2010.
1 : to plan and put into operation from a position of command : lead <conduct a business>
Lacey said it was robust but hard to understand and to put into operation.