put into practice

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Last year our employees around the world submitted more than 42,000 ideas which are being evaluated and put into practice step by step.
BEIRUT: The parliamentary Human Rights Committee met Tuesday to discuss how the domestic violence draft law could be put into practice once it was passed, according to the National News Agency.
In case the draft will be put into practice, the administrative map of the provinces will be like that of 1968.
Thousands of projects were completed and put into practice in Turkey thanks to funds by the EU, he said.
Ten months later, the two presidents' decision has not yet been put into practice.
Designed for young advertising professionals and students, the workshop presented the creative process the top creative directors put into practice in the development of strategies and concepts for clients.
Although there is an aspect of fun, the reason for the event is to demonstrate the skills that are put into practice on a daily basis.
Emil Zafirovski in Nova Makedonija comments that after many struggles, the lustration law will finally be put into practice.
Again the Disability Act has not been put into practice.
It is open to those who have a business idea to put into practice, own a small business and wish to test their products, or want to expand.
He also urged the students to take advantage of this opportunity and get involved in their work in order to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired.
Describing 23 different leadership "pathways" that have been put into practice, and drawing upon numerous real-life examples of the Leading for Learning Framework in action, Connecting Leadership with Learning is a solid guide enthusiastically recommended for educators everywhere.