put into the hands of

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We have targeted some 8,000 acres of government lands that we intend to put into the hands of farmers and we are committed to putting in the basic infrastructure to help to get those lands into production.
I FULLY agree with R Collins (Letters, December 1) that the football club and Sisu should be kicked out and put into the hands of the Official Receiver before it's too late How much more do the tax payers of Coventry have to take?
Our hospitals should be taken out of the hands of the pen-pushers and put into the hands of doctors working on the front line.
A BABYCARE company in Haydock has been put into the hands of administrators and 24 of the 59 workforce axed.
These minor disagreements notwithstanding, van Dam's fine edition has put into the hands of scholars an important text that merits more attention and that should expand interest in Grotius.
The actual work of sending, receiving and caring for the children was put into the hands of some 35 Christian charities and religious bodies--the Salvation Army, Barnardos, the Fairbridge Organization, the Christian Brothers, Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of Nazareth being the best known.
The figures need to be put into the hands of the people who are waiting for treatment and those who can do something about it.
Fame can be poisoned in the sense that one's identity is put into the hands of others.