put into words

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What he meant to my career is (something that) you can't really put into words, added the 20-year veteran.
I really cannot put into words what has happened here''.
This little boy had put into words exactly what all those people were thinking.
I have seen caring in my life, through the work I was involved in, yet what I witnessed in this hospital, is going to be very difficult to put into words.
It's not easy to put into words what I felt," he said.
He said hardly anything and kept using the line: "It's hard to put into words.
Summary: Blackpool boss Ian Holloway could barely put into words how pleased he was with his team after their triumph over Tottenham this evening.
His relatives said: "As a family we can't put into words how proud we are of Joseva.
That letter said everything I have been trying to put into words myself and post to your Letters page.
We cannot put into words the loss that we feel and would ask that our family be left alone to grieve in peace.
Nothing can put into words how her poor parents must feel in their sorrow and grief.
It put into words, as I hadn't been able to do, my thoughts and feelings concerning this most vital issue, about which our church lays upon us a different opinion.