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But for this week's cover story, natural-born sceptic Abbie Wightwick talked to some of the believers who swear by alternative therapy, those who literally put mind over matter.
They put mind control devices on all people over the age of 15 so it is left to three boys to save the world.
I wasn't the best in the world, but the decathlon taught me a lot about the technical side of athletics and how to put mind and body together.
Not because the players are arrogant but because they know they are the best and are determined to put mind over matter to succeed.
But Macmillan's actions will hopefully put minds at ease, and help patients get better.
64 beds is nothing - you're going to have to put minds at rest.
Diffley Sensing the apprehension that etches itself on to the face of a parent in a Turkish restaurant with two unadventurous children, our waiter was straight across to put minds at ease.