put money down

See: bet
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I never ever would have put money down to say this would happen a couple of days ago even when I dropped off the bridesmaids and said goodbye to them, I still never ever in my wildest dreams would have imagined this happening.
She encourages customers to put money down on their house as an investment.
If Worcester's downtown does become a hub of collegiate life, it is time to thank the man who was first, who stepped out in front of the others, put money down and placed a big bet on Worcester's downtown.
But in order to make money, you have to put money down, and that is where the challenge is.
The Atonement star was asked to jump off a balcony for her role in the new sci-fi film The Host, and the workers put money down on her reaction.
It was one of these Oscars where if you put money down at the bookies, you wouldn't have made much," he said.
Rob and I had just put money down on 12 acres in another county and waited to close on the land.
That is one reason why buying a device at launch is becoming less of a good idea, and many consumers are waiting before they put money down.
He said: "I have put money down on lodgings, I have paid for books and started my course and now they tell me this.
com, a website that allows students to put money down on the likelihood of achieving their academic aspirations, has expanded to three Texas universities: the University of Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.
I can see this administration pursuing additional ways to put money down in the state and local sectors but tying it to strong national goals.
It's conceivable that these people could put money down and take seller financing and in five years not be able to refinance due to the value [of the apartment] or market conditions or collateral," said Jeffrey Appel, vice president at Bank of America Home Loans.