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An option—a right that operates as a continuing proposal—given in exchange for consideration—something of value—permitting its holder to sell a particular stock or commodity at a fixed price for a stated quantity and within a limited time period.

A put is purchased for a fee paid to the person who agrees to accept the stock or goods if they are offered. The purchaser of this right to sell expects the price of the stock or commodity to decrease so that he can deliver the stock or commodity at a profit. If the price rises, the option need not be exercised. The reverse transaction is a call.


(Place), verb apply, assign a place, attach, base, deposit, dispense, fix, give, imbed, implant, infuse, inject, install, instill, introduce, lodge, park, place, plant, raise, repose, seat, set, site, situate, station, submit, tender
Associated concepts: constructive bailment, involuntary bailment


(Phrase), verb ascribe, attribute, cast, describe, impute, pose, posit, postulate, present, propound, say, set forth, state, throw
See also: advance, deposit, dispose, give, house, impute, introduce, locate, lodge, phrase, place, plant, raise, repose, situated, submit

TO PUT, pleading. To select, to demand; as, the said C D puts himself upon the country; that is, he selects the trial by jury, as the mode of settling the matter in dispute, and does not rely upon an issue in law. Gould, Pl. c. 6. part 1, Sec. 19.

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Under this agreement, PPTB may only exercise the put option at any time after close of business on 8 December 2016 but within the put option period (the revised put option period).
As well as betting on further outright falls in US crude prices, traders have been aggressively taking up put options -- an option to sell a contract once it has fallen to a certain level -- at prices as low as $35 and even $30 per barrel.
The bonds were issued on March 26, 2012 with a 10-year maturity, subject to a put option in three years.
Under the terms of the put option, if Debenhams shares fall below an agreed strike price, Sports Direct have the option to acquiring ordinary shares in Debenhams at the exercise price or pay the cash settlement value of the put option.
With the share buyback via put options, Walter Meier will acquire up to 25 percent of the share capital currently outstanding.
The company, its board of directors or its employees have issued no recommendation to any holder as to whether or not to take advantage of the put option and sell back their notes to CompuCredit.
That was yet another indication that index put options on the financial sector were cheap during the crisis.
However, call and put option buyers are willing to pay more as the chances of prices moving in any direction are high.
IF THE market is expected to remain range- bound, say in the range of 5,100- 4,900 points on the National Stock Exchange ( NSE) index Nifty from the current 5,137, one can buy Nifty 5,100 put options and sell 4,900 put options.
Buying protective put options provides a way to absolutely limit your downside risk on a stock for the length of the contract in exchange for payment of an up-front cash premium.
On September 10, investors bought 4,516 put options in American Airlines verses 748 call options.
For instance, your company may buy a sterling put option to hedge an anticipated future stream of sterling revenues regardless of an existing sterling purchase commitment -- the effective "natural" hedge.